Charger Arms LLC is a dealer firearms including Suppressors (Silencers), Short Barrel Rifles, Machine Guns and more. Contact us for a full list of services, but here are some of the things we currently can provide. Email us at for more information!

Click here for a copy of our FFL & SOT.

NFA Transfers

Title II (Class 3) Weapons Transfers & Paperwork (excluding NFA Tax Stamp)

Silencers, SBR’s SBS, & AOW’s


All applicable taxes and fees will be paid by the customer or seller.

We will contact you when your firearm(s) arrives and provide further instructions and complete a Form 4.

Once the Form 4 is approved we will contact you to pickup your item.

We can ship suppressors direct to Kansas residents once the Form 4 comes back approved.

NOTE: For Each Year Buyer Does Not Submit the Form 4, a 20% Surcharge is applied to item. After 3 years products are forfeitted.

Non-NFA Transfers

Title I Weapons Transfers & Paperwork

Pistols, Rifles, & Shotguns


Transferring to or from another dealer. Contact us to send our FFL to the other party. Make sure you note the auction or invoice number as well as the item description in email. Contact to initiate a transfer.

Each additional item is $5 per 4473/background check.

Outbound Transfers


$40 & up

Shipping of your firearm to another dealer. This includes a $20 shipping to the receiving dealer. If shipping is more than $20, the remained will be added to the cost of the transfer. FFL will be verified before shipping. Insurance on shipments is extra.