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Charger Arms LLC

Osage City, KS 66523, USA

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About US!!

Charger Arms LLC

Charger Arms LLC is a licensed firearms dealer and Special Occupation Taxpayer (that is a fancy way of saying we can sell machine guns and silencers) We are also a Cerakote Factory Certified Applicator. We can help you take your gun from blaaa to YEAH!!!

We are located in Osage County Kansas. We have been in the firearms industry for over 10 years.  The store first opened in Cherryvale, Kansas in 2007. We specialize in sales and transfers of Title II (NFA) weapons and accessories.  

We are very active in the shooting sports. We will be at several of the larger matches this year including USPSA Multigun Nationals, Missouri 3 Gun Championship, Shoot For the Gold, Vortex/Shooters Source, Gen III Gun and many local matches as well.  Stops us and say hi! (Look for the goofy guy wearing the shirt with our logo)

The Charger Arms Crew and Staff

Kim Balzer

Kim Balzer is the other half of Charger Arms. She helps with sales and will soon become a certified Cerakote applicator as well. 

Chris Peel and John Morgan

Chris and John have been a part of Charger Arms for a few years now. When they are not helping us with Customers at gun shows and events, these 2 can be found all over the midwest at 3 Gun and USPSA matches. 

Theron at Brandon Collins Match

Theron Combs

Theron is the guy behind our barrel threading and gunsmithing services. If you need a barrel turned down or a 1911 trigger job, Theron and Charger Arms can help you out. 

Store Policies


Sales and Service Policies

Charger Arms, LLC is a federally licensed firearms dealer. We have several policies above the federally required laws that we must follow. 

Payments, Refunds, and Fees

The following fees will be charged for cancelled orders, layaways, and bad checks:
- Special-order firearm or group buy: 20% of the firearm's price.
- Custom Builds:  20% of the firearm's price or $500, which ever is greater.

- Layaway: 20% nonrefundable deposit paid by cash, USPS MO, or personal check, with the remainder due within 60 days. Failure to pay in full results in forfeiture of deposit.
- NSF check fee is $35.



Charger Arms, LLC is happy to transfer your firearm to you from an out of state seller. We will accept shipments from both FFL's and non-licensees.  We do not provide a copy of our FFL to non-licensees as they can verify our license using the ATF's FFL EzCheck and entering 5-48-xxx-xx-xx-04010. We do require non-licensees include a copy of their driver's license so that we can accurately record in our bound book the source of the firearm and keep our ATF compliance inspector happy.

If the FBI NICS denies the transfer, the buyer has several choices:
- We will hold the firearm while the buyer appeals the denial. If the buyer files the appeal within 30 days of the denial, no storage fees will accrue, as we will not penalize buyers for the government's delays. If the buyer does not file the appeal within 30 days we will charge a storage fee of $10 (ten dollars) per week to store the firearm. Once the storage fees have exceeded 50% of the firearm's value we will sell the firearm, deduct our storage fees, and return the remainder to the buyer.
- Arrange with the seller for the return of the firearm and pay for return shipping.
- Consign the firearm with us. Consignment fees deducted from final sales price. 

Abandoned or left items: 


Charger Arms LLC offers firearms storage for customers. We proudly offer free storage for service members during their deployment. 

Long Term storage in our safe will cost $10/ mo. on the first gun and $5 for each additional firearm. Firearms must be returned to original owner or a 4473 will be completed for each firearm. Payment of storage can either be paid at beginning of storage or when firearms are picked up. Firearms will not be released until storage fees are paid. Firearms not picked up after storage period will begin the abandonment process.

Order Abandonment Policy

Orders placed with Charger Arms LLC. that have been paid and not picked up for a period of 1 year will be considered abandoned at the customers expense and will be restocked after all means to contact customer have failed, which include telephone and written communications.  Exceptions are on Title II weapons that are pending transfer on an ATF Form 3, 4 or 5.